Every step of the journey is a journey.

So a few days ago, a friend asked me what I understood from the above quote [Every step of the journey is a journey]. I thought for a while and then I said that it reminded me of an old tree, where the branches are like the different paths or journeys we take upon in our lives. And the tree itself bears the signs of storms, rains, heat and cold just like a person at an old age with a weathered skin reflects the various trials of life.


The life of a tree actually resembles the life of a believer in many ways. You see the roots spread under the soil, planted firmly.. Its like the imaan of a believer from which stems a`maal whether good or bad (depending on the strength of one’s imaan). And the branches above the soil are the toils of life, the tests that Allaah puts us through inorder to purify us. But they’re also valuable lessons, each branch, each journey no matter how long or short, how high or low, has hidden morals for us. The fruits in return, are like the outcomes and consequences of our actions. Some are sweet, while others are bitter.

I wonder sometimes, if trees could talk.. they’d have so many stories to tell. Don’t you think?

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