Who will hear our cries
Who will sacrifice for us their lives
Who will take away our fears
Who will wipe away our tears
Who will bring back our fathers, brothers and sons
who will bring back our loved ones
Who will speak against the aggression
who will put a stop to the oppression
who will mend our broken hearts
who will explain to our children
why our lives have been torn apart
who will open their eyes, hearts and minds
who will speak against the abuse
before we run out of time
who will stop hiding in their homes
who will join us
so we no longer walk alone

Written by the sister of a prisoner in HMP Belmarsh, UK.

10 thoughts on “Who..

  1. Assalamu ‘Alaykum

    Sis I stumbled across your blog after visiting Umm Waraqahs new blog..MashaAllaah you’ve got some lovely stuff..

    Keep it up..

    Do you mind if I link you on my blog page?


  2. wa`alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Jazaakillaah khayr. I don’t mind ukhtee, if you let me link you on mine inshaa’Allaah : )

    Btw, I love your layout maashaa’Allaah.

  3. Assalamu 3laykom wa ra7matollahi wa barakatuh 🙂

    wa iyyaki okhty..

    awwww alhamdulillah i’m glad you liked the layout – yep inshaAllaah you can link me if you want

    you’ve got a lovely layout aswell MashaAllaah very intense..did you make it yourself?

    sis i dont know why but you seem really familiar…momken I know you from Paltalk/somewhere else? My nick was MeenErhabi

    tc ma3ssalamah

  4. ^OMA!!! I’m salafiya_88. I remember looking through my list wondering who a bunch of ppl were…and when I saw your above comment, I remembered you. lol

    Umm Khawlah, that was so sad. As I was reading this….I thought about Salahudeen Ayoubi rahimahullah….dunno why. Maybe his bravery & loyalty to the Muslimeen. Of course, no one is better than the salaf, but I was thinking more recently.

  5. wa`alayki assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Umm Shurahbeel, I’m not sure if we know each other.. I used to go on paltalk a while back. You could’ve seen me there maybe?

    I didn’t make this theme no, I don’t know anything about themes heh. This is just one of the themes that came with Muslimpad : )

    Salafiya – Salaheddin rahimahullaah indeed was a gem amongst gems. I remember reading this beautiful letter by him some time ago:

    “We hope in Allaah most high, to whom be praise, who leads the hearts of Muslims to calm what torments them and ruins their prosperity.

    “Where is the sense of honor of Muslims? The pride of Believers? The Zeal of the Faithful?

    “We shall never cease to be amazed at how the disbelievers for their part have shown trusts, and it is the Muslims who have been lacking in zeal. Not one of them has responded to the call. Not one intervenes to straighten what is distorted; but observe how far the Franks have gone what unity they have achieved. What aims they pursue. What help they have given. What sums of money they have borrowed and spent. What wealth they have collected and distributed and divided amongst them. There is not a King left in their lands or islands, not a lord or a rich man who has not competed with his neighbors to produce more support and rival his peers in strenuous military efforts. In defense of their religion they consider it a small thing to spend life and soul; and they have kept their infidel brothers supplied with arms and champions of war; and all they have done and all their generosity has been purely out of zeal for him they worship in jealous defense of their faith.

    “The Muslims on the other hand are weak and demoralized; they have become negligent and lazy, the victims of unproductive stupefaction and completely lacking in enthusiasm. If , Allaah forbid, Islaam should draw rein, obscure her splendor, blunt her sword, there would be no one, east or west, far or near who would blaze the zeal for Allaah’s religion, or choose to come to the aid of truth against error.

    “This is the moment to cast off laziness, to summon from far and near all those men who have blood in their veins; but we are confident (he speaks about himself and the small party of believers who began with him and then became a large party); but we are confident, thanks to Allaah-Alhamdulillaah-in the Help that will come from him and entrust ourselves to him in sincerity of purpose and deepest devotion.

    “Insha Allaah, the disbelievers shall perish and the faithful have a sure deliverance.”

    – Salaheddin Ayyubi 12 CE

  6. salam..
    ze kho fazl de khoday khey yeema ..te cherta yee ? 😉 .. wallah me miss u too sis..
    well me has a muslm pad blog…but dont know how to get started .. check it out ..toobalilghoraba.muslimpad.com

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