A Heartbreaking Story

A story about a bosnian sister (narrated by Mo`azzam Begg in his book Enemy Combatant) that just broke my heart..

“I had asked my Bosnian friend, Edin, about Bosnian cuisine once, and he invited me for a traditional meal at his friend’s house. The friend was a young Bosnian Muslim woman who had come to live in Birmingham as a refugee. As she couldn’t speak English too well, Edin translated some of the little that she said. Her face looked worn, and her eyes distant. After we left Edin told me her story. It was beyond anything I had ever heard, or imagined. Serb soldiers had raided her house and raped her in front of her husband. The gang rape continued over the screams of their three-month-old baby. As long as the child cried at least she’d known it was alive. When the crying stopped she begged the soldiers, ‘Where’s my baby? What have you done to him?’ A soldier came in carrying the child’s head and placed it on a table next to her, before he raped her again. In England, she was receiving psychiatric care, but also her community were trying to find her a husband. Hers had been killed, just after they had raped her.”

2 thoughts on “A Heartbreaking Story

  1. subhanallah that was a very disturbing story. i am just in tears. may allah destroy those that do these horrendous acts. ameen. I know i can write that as a mother i understand her pain but i dont think anyone ever will. may allah heal her pain. ameen.

  2. salams
    ameen to your dua.
    unfortunately many of these nightmares are reaccurring. in palestine and iraq our sisters and their children see this everyday,subhannallah. i just pray that theres a way we can put a top to this inshallah. these soldiers needs someone to take a grater to their skin and get to work. it breaks my heart to hear these stories and cant do anything to help them.

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