“Be satisfied with Allah as Your Lord..”

Some sayings of Sheikh `Aly:

In a state between wakefulness and sleep it occured to me: do not show that you are in need of any other except Allah otherwise He will double your need for you as a consequence of violating your limits as His servant. He afflicted you with poverty so that you would be purified so do not rid yourself of the means of your reformation. Allah prescribed that poverty would be your destiny and your wealth would be with Him, and if you used your wealth to maintain a close relation with Him, He would use His to do the same, but if you used yours to seek your need from another, He would prevent His support to you as a means of exile from His door. Do not depend on anything that is lower and weaker than Him, as it will bring about evil results and destroy you. If you depend on knowledge alone, He will take it away from you, if you depend on love, He will cause you to indulge in it, if you depend on learning alone, He will make it a means of your destruction, and if you depend on creatures, He will leave you to them. Be satisfied with Allah as Your Lord and He will be satisfied with you as His servant.

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