10 lil notes.


10 things that I’ve learnt in the past few weeks:

1. Canadian history is excruciatingly, mind-numbingly, boring.


2. Sacrifice. A few days ago, a friend of mine said to me how love is the epitome of sacrifice. It was related to a blogpost of mine, on waiting for someone you love.. no matter how long and no matter the obstacles. Then a day or two after that, in our Qur’aan class, our ustaadhah talked about seeking knowledge, and first step to it is `amal which requires sacrifice and it made me think how, our whole deen, basically the life of a mu’min is based on sacrifices, little or big but its a daily routine. For instance, just waking up for fajr is hard on our nafs. We give up our sleep and the warmth of our beds to please Allaah. But thats on a small level. And then there are higher levels such as sacrificing our wealth and lives by surrendering ourselves completely to Allaah. And that is really hard to achieve.


3. In friendship, you put up with whatever traits your friend has. If they’re bad, you gently advise them but you never give up on them. For the last couple of weeks, that’s been sort of a constant lesson for me.


4. Never say or promise something that you can’t do on time.


5. Keep your circle of friends limited to one or two. More friends mean more problems.. more headaches..


6. I can’t study in a bus! I start feeling pukey.


7. One thing that I’ve learnt and i hopefully will stick to it, is that when something’s bothering me, and if it starts affecting my `ibaadah, that should ring an alarm and i should just stop thinking about it. Blocking any thoughts related to it, helps me keep a tab over my emotions.


8. Babies are a blessing.. They know how to make you smile. And they really know how to keep you worried. The other night I couldn’t concentrate on my studies because my niece had a strong fever and I kept thinking about her.. until I went to her bed, and held her hand till she fell asleep. I can’t spend more than a day away from her.


9. I love my Mom and Dad. Fine examples of patience, (Allaah-yahfadh-hum) And ofcourse, I love the rest of my family.


10. People should not eat smelly food in the bus.

4 thoughts on “10 lil notes.

  1. 3. In friendship, you put up with whatever traits your friend has. If they’re bad, you gently advise them but you never give up on them. For the last couple of weeks, that’s been sort of a constant lesson for me.

    😦 I know I suck *sniff*. But I love you regardless.

  2. Salaam alaykum. I saw your response to my post about baraa against racism. Yours was the only comment. When I write about problems of Black people or about the racism of Muslims, no one leaves comments, and probably no one even reads them. If I mention Palestine, every non-Palestinian would read and comment. As a result, many Muslims who are Black fell that the advice they could have given to Palestinians and to Muslims in general was disregarded. Therefore, the threat of further racial division is simmering. Many of us feel even worse than what I mentioned. So many I knew were glad when lighter immigrant Muslims were being profiled and we weren’t. We weren’t getting pulled over or stopped from flying anymore. But the racist Arabs and Pakis were, and we were so happy about it because of our prior anger with them. Depsite my walaa wal baraa even I had mixed feelings, and I still fear treachery from other races of Muslims if we were to be free of outside hostility all of a sudden.
    So please make du’a that Allah never relieve us until we prefer each other to the disbelievers.

  3. wa`alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    I understand your point and jazaakumullaahu khayran for your comment. But you know akhee, when it comes to racial profiling done by the West, it certainly doesn’t exclude Black Muslims. Because to the kuffaar, all Muslims are alike. Whether they’re black or white or yellow.

    One thing that should be kept in mind is that not all non-Black Muslims are racist. Not all arabs are and neither are all pakis. Some pakis can turn out to be treacherous to their very own people and we have seen that happen alot, especially recently. This is all due to lack of correct understanding of our deen and we definitely lack Imaan. Because of that, we have little to no love for Allaah, hence no love for the believers regardless of their race or caste.

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