Oh Allaah, I ask You..


اللهم انى اسئلك فرجا قريبا وصبراجميلا ورزقا و اسعا و العافية من جميع البلآء و اسئلك تمام العافية و اسئلك دوام العافية واسئلك الشكر على العافية و اسئلك الغنى عن الناس ولا حول و لا قوة الا با لله العلى العظيم

Allaahumma inni as’aluka farajan qariban, wa sabran jameelan, wa rizqan wasi’an, wal ‘afiyata min jami’il-bala’i, wa as’aluka tammamal-‘afiyati wa as’aluka dawamal-‘afiyati, wa as’aluka-sh-shukha’alal ‘afiyati, wa as’alukal-ghina ‘anin-naasi, wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil-adhim.

O Allaah, I ask You of immediate prosperity, and beautiful patience against misery and affliction, and abundance in sustenance, and peace from all misfortunes; and I also ask You for perfect and perpetual peace of mind, and I ask You to enable me to give thanks for granting me peace, and I ask You (to make me prosperous enough) to be needless of other people, and I cannot be saved (from sins) nor have I power (for good deeds), but by the help of Allaah, the Sublime, the Great.

2 thoughts on “Oh Allaah, I ask You..

  1. SubhanAllah, I have never seen any other religion that has prayers that express such deep and important needs in such few words.

    Another example would be:


    (P.S. ukhtee: The du’a you posted above, I think whoever typed it originally made a slight mistake. I believe where it reads: wa as’aluka-sh-shukha’alal ‘afiyati, the word “ash-shukha” should be changed to “ash-shukru”(but you might want to check with Umm Aha about whether or not it should end with a damma or a fat-ha.)

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