Look what you do to my English, Umm Aha!

So, below was my rant to my beloved Umm Aha a few days ago. I had initially planned on putting it up on our mutual blog, but I messed it up heh and now we’re awaiting sas to fix it.

Kawla: Aha, I no get why people eat in bus or in subway! Today, I come back from class and on the bus this woman open up her lunch box and dang! all the bus stink! It stink bad, Aha. I wish I wear steel niqaab. So, yeah. If people hungry so bad, why they no eat non-smelly food? Like maybe chips, chocolate bars or just drink the water. Must they make people around them think something fishy? :/

Some tip:

1. Try not eat smelly food in bus. You no want people think bad.

2. Alway carry chocolate bar, candy, or other non-smelly food, so if you hungry, you kill hunger with it instead of killing people with smelly food!

3. Non-smelly food eaters: Alway carry a pack of Gravol incase you go through this horrible test of stink, and you have urge to puke.

4. Or carry perfume!

6 thoughts on “Look what you do to my English, Umm Aha!

  1. No. It no my fault. No blame me. My English so good. So i no no man. You English no good, no blame me please. This public. You make my name bad. Tsk.
    But I forgive. I kind.

  2. You know, I wonder if people think my food is bad when I’m eating on the run. I sometimes eat shawarma w/ loads of garlic sauce. The smell is pretty strong, but for me it is such a nice smell… wonda what others think. haha

  3. lol may Allah (swt) bless u two ameen.
    I like ur blog Kawla mashaa Allah :]
    I am with u the editor mess me up my english no good no more. What I do?

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