Feel like pulling my hair!


I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I got a midterm coming up on Wednesday, and I’ve gotta finish reading two novels before it and I have to go over my notes and I have tons of tafseer homework waiting on my desk, and I got to memorize tarjumah! I’m doomed man.

I had an endless night of puking, which has drained the guts (and bile!) outta me. I need du`aas. Please. I need to pass this exam with good marks, and I really need to get on with my memorization. So please, make du`aa for me.


7 thoughts on “Feel like pulling my hair!

  1. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum
    subhaan Allah! Why were you puking?? Allah ye7meeki ya rab. Mashallah tabarakallah, you’re studying tafseer? That’s wonderful! Subhaan Allah the sisters are outdoing the men in the studying of Islam! mashallah tabarakallah! I could imagine though it’s quite difficult. What’s tarjumah? Do you mean tarjamah as in translation? Why would any school make you do that? I really do hope they taught you the Quraan in Arabic first! And if they so did, I see no benefit in memorising translations!!!

    May Allah give you patience. Inshallah I will remember you in my duaas (amazing how we make English plurals of Arabic words!). Obviously no reply to the above barrage of questions is required until you finish your study!

    assalamu alaikum

  2. wa `alaykum as-Salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    La b’as tahuroon insha’Allaah

    Just take it easy and try making yourself some homemade fruit juice. Those are real energy drinks and very healthy for you. Insha’Allaah they’ll help you be able to manage this. Also, work from priority A to Z and take some breaks in between.

    May Allaah facilitate this for you, aameen

  3. Abdul Rahman Hilmi – I’m still not too sure why I threw up, but since it was with a headache, it was probably just a migrane.

    And yes I meant translation. Thing is, its not just translation. We study every word, its root words, its literal meaning, basically an indepth analysis of words. It helps us understand the translation better. We’re also doing arabic grammar alongside, which helps too. But those of us who have a hard time with arabic grammar, and are non-arab speakers, can easily understand the ayaat we study for tafseer as well because the ustaadhah translates it for them for their convenience. I dont know how much of this makes sense to you..

    Jazaakumullaahu khayran for your du`aas akhee.

    Umm Layth – Jazaakillaah khayr for your advice ukhtee. I hope you and lil Layth are doing well inshaa’Allaah (L).

  4. Hallo Kawla. The stress bug seems to be hitting a lot of people the same time the flu bug is. Heh. And I’ve been reminding folks of this wicked du’a that really helps put things into perspective:
    Allahumma la taj’al al-dunya akbara hammina. Oh Allah do not make the dunya the greatest of our worries.

    Remember it? 🙂 The sort of concern you, and others we know, have for studies can be admirable, and may Allah grant you all success. But while such concern is valid, there needs to be that constant balance to prevent it from overwhelming us in our everyday lives.

    I love you, and I have you in my du’as.

  5. subhaan Allaah ukhtee : (

    May Allaah give you the strenght and eemaan to overcome these trials


    dont over burden yourself, do one subject at a time…..writing a daily plan may also help

    you’re in my du’aa (L)

  6. Jazaakumullaahu khayran for your du`aas sisters (L).
    Alhamdulillaah its over!
    Eddy, my love, baarakAllaahu feeki for reminding me about that beautiful du`aa. You have no idea how much it helped me! And I love you more 🙂

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