What do I say?

Another brother that we have disappointed as Muslims and as humans. Huseyin Cecil. A Canadian Uyghur Imaam was sentenced to life imprisonement on April 19th, 2007. As I was browsing the site that has been setup as a part of the Initiative to help release Cecil, I came across some very graphic pictures of how Chinese torturers treat their prisoners:


Sleep deprivation: they insert a stick
between eye-lashes so that the victim
could not close eyes for hours.


Prison guards force a practitioner to sit on a metal
chair and handcuff his hands and feet, then put a
wooden stick wrapped with a towel to his mouth
and tighten it to his neck with ropes.


At the first interrogation, they
used electric batons to give
shocks to my face and neck.
The second time, I was fastened
to a “cross” fetter, my feet were
cuffed and they put the
telephone leads round my big
toes and rang the telephone
making me jump again and
again. To stop the jumping, they
put me on a stool and pressed
the stool’s legs on my feet. They
rang the phone again and my
legs involuntarily jumped. After
this, my memory got worse, and
my brain is poorer. No one
could endure this.”

For full story please visit:
Amnesty International

Subhaan’Allaah, I have never seen anything like this. And I’m lost for words as to how to describe this toture.. Its beyond cruel and inhumane. Its just.. subhaan’Allaah. May Allaah protect our brothers.

To think that Br. Cecil (may Allaah protect him from every harm, aameen) may be totured as his family does believe that he is being tortured, is just heart-wrenching.

Please, please make du`aa for this brother and his family.

Oh Allaah, hasten the release of all our brothers and sisters, all around the world and grant their families patience and imaan to deal with this ordeal.. aameen.

2 thoughts on “What do I say?

  1. Asalam alaikum warahmatullah

    Subhanallah…may Allah grant them the peace of heart, mind and body that they must sorely miss, ameen. May Allah grant those who torture innocents what they deserve, ameen.
    It’s so saddening to see these things and feel helpless. May He answer our dua’s as we surely know He hears them, ameen.

    I miss you too ! I was thinking about coming up north later this summer. Maybe we’ll maybe meet again…=) InshaAllah.
    Or you could come visit me…i’ll take you to the aquarium 😉


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