For you, a thousand times over indeed.

May the stars carry your sadness away,

May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,

May hope forever wipe away your tears,

And, above all, may silence make you strong.

– Chief Dan George.

Cheeks stained with tears, and hearts wrenched with agony and frustration. The families had just heard about the painful and humiliating ordeal Steven Vikash Chand [25 yrs old; one of the Toronto 18 accused of “terrorism” charges] was subjected to yesterday. He was beaten up while taking a shower by one or more of the guards at the Maplehurst Correctional Complex and they then banged his head against a wall. He was then dragged out of the washroom by his hair to his cell. When he requested for a doctor to treat his bleeding, they denied him his right and instead put him in a holding cell.

It will be a year since the incarceration of the Toronto 18 in about half a month from now, some of whom have been released on bail while the youngest has been acquitted. The rest have continued to be held in solitary confinement despite the fact that atleast 4 of them were not under the communication ban. While the trials for the defendants may well be months or even years away, the media has done every bit with the help of the authorities involved, in exploiting the accused. They have not been convicted, yet they are already being punished. So what about real criminals? What about the rapists and psychopaths that plague the cities all across Canada? Why aren’t their lives ruined and ripped apart? Why aren’t they humiliated and punished for crimes they’re CONVICTED of? A few years ago, a woman known as “Jane Doe” was raped in downtown Toronto. After the incident took place, she went to the police to report it. While reporting the rape, she was informed by the police that she had been a victim of a serial rapist. This was a rapist on the loose. He was walking free on the streets of Toronto, yet no warnings had been issued. So where was the media then? Why did the media not fulfill its real job in bringing out the filth of the society? Perhaps it was too busy exploiting Muslims?

Another recent example of hypocrisy is the issue of bail to Basil Prasiris, a 41 year old man who ADMITTED to killing a  police officer. What can be more absurd than that? These young men are still awaiting their trials, but their lives have been destroyed and are faced with threats and insults by the guards at the Maplehurst “Correctional” Complex. While murderers walk free.

How very absurd.

Democracy. Freedom of speech. Justice. Liberty. Land of opportunities. One must rethink these glorious titles that have been so frequently used in reference to Canada since its birth, after these blatant injustices and atrocities committed against these defendants, including the Secret Trial 5: Mohamed Mahjoub, Mahmood Jaballah, Hassan al-Amrei, Adil Charakoui, and Mohamed Harkat, Maher Arar, Huseiyn Cecil and others.

How long must this be tolerated for?

Is Canada really growing a branch of Guantanamo on its soil?

Why has there been constant, evident xenophobic incidents involving ethnic minorities throughout the history of Canada including the implementation of Chinese Head tax in 1885, Japanese Internment in 1942, mistreatment of the Aboriginals, etc.?

I wonder what the Canadian government has to say to this. 

As for Steve and his co-accused, you’re not forgotten and you never will be.

2 thoughts on “For you, a thousand times over indeed.

  1. laa hawla walaa quwata illa billaah..

    may Allah free these brothers and keep them firm on this deen. subhanAllah.. what can we say?

    may Allaah give these cowards what they deserve.

    you are all in my duaa ukhtee

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