Oh. My. God!

This is just so ridiculous.

Justice Peter Openshaw, a judge over the trial of Tariq al-Daour, Waseem Mughal and Younis Tsouli does not know what a website is! Lol. Allaahul musta`aan.. This is just sad..

Read the full news article here.

The article also had a hilarious bit at the end:
“What are the Beatles?” judicial legend; may be apocryphal
“How can a bed be turned into a sofa?” Judge Seddon Cripps asks about a futon
Who is Gazza? Mr Justice Harman, who later also admitted ignorance of Oasis and Bruce Springsteen
“What is Linford Christie’s lunch box?” Mr Justice Popplewell (probably mischievous)
“What is this Teletub?” Judge Francis Aglionby, about a Teletubby jigsaw
“What is B&Q?” Lord Irvine of Lairg, Lord Chancellor and head of the judiciary
Source; Times database.

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