“..My soul’s companions are my books..”

Ibn Faaris stated:


“They asked how I was, and I said, well, and thank you. A need fulfilled and another is neglected. When distress is such that my heart becomes constricted, I say perhaps one day will bring with it some aid. My comrade is my cat and my soul’s companions are my books, and the object of my love is my night lantern.”

5 thoughts on ““..My soul’s companions are my books..”

  1. Bismillah

    Asaamo3alaikum wara7matulahiwabarakatuh

    ‘Tis ‘True Tis True

    BarakAllahfiki .. I wrote something simmilar..
    may Allah aid us in implementing what we learn Ameen

    Sometimes i preffer the companionship of books over the companionship of men .. but if the companionship of men aspire and are worthy companions.. then they cannot compare to the companionship of Books..
    And Kalamullah is haqq.. and others (i.e books).. will have mistakes..


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