That dark thing called: Death.

A death.

A new life born.

Amazing, the wonders of life.

A life taken. Its pitch darkness and emptiness. The deepest depth of its ugliness, pain and anguish. Tears and hurt. Sorrow and grief. The agony and remorse. Regret.

The dawn of a new life. The joy it brings, lighting up everything and everyone all around. The smiles and laughter. The state of bliss, a haven on earth. The ecstacy. Beauty and the happiness sprouting from the beginning of a new life.

One life taken, and another given.

A cycle of grief and joy. I was told about a sister, very beloved to me, losing someone very close and a few minutes later I was given the news of a dear friend who’d just given birth to a baby girl. And I wondered, how long before I too get caught up in this cycle? How long, before I add up to the list of all those gone? Because, I’m not ready. Not ready to leave yet. This life, that I so wish I never had during those moments of utter pain and anguish that’s followed by regret – that same life – I’m not ready to let go off.

Are you ready to let go?

3 thoughts on “That dark thing called: Death.

  1. Beautiful Mashallah….I’m not ready either. I always ask Allah to increase my life only so that I could accumulate more good deeds, and to experience soemthing that will eliminate all my sins. I also ask Allah to increase my life in a manner that I can learn all the tactics of Shaytan and know how to defeat them. With all this, I then ask Allah that my soul is taken at a time when He is pleased with me and all sins are fogiven. I love this hadith:
    Narrated Ubada bin As Samit: The Prophet said, “Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah (too) loves to meet him and whoever hates to meet Allah, Allah (too) hates to meet him.” ‘Aisha, or some of the wives of the Prophet said, “But we dislike death.” He said: “It is not like this, but it is meant that when the time of the death of a believer approaches, he receives the good news of Allah’s pleasure with him and His blessings upon him, and so at that time nothing is dearer to him than what is in front of him. He therefore loves the meeting with Allah, and Allah (too) loves the meeting with him. But when the time of the death of a disbeliever approaches, he receives the evil news of Allah’s Torment and His Requital, whereupon nothing is more hateful to him than what is before him. Therefore, he hates the meeting with Allah, and Allah too, hates the meeting with him.”

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 8 No. 514

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