ad-dam`u fee `ayni.. farhamni ya Allaah

I was reading “Du`aa – The Weapon of the Believer” by Yasir Qadhi and came across this narration that I read a long time ago. But reading it today revived something that I had almost lost..

Ibrahim ibn Adham was once asked, “Why is it that we make du`aa, yet they are not responded to?” He replied:

“Because you know Allaah, yet do not obey Him.

And you know the Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam), but do not follow his sunnah.

And you know the Qur’aan, but you do not act upon it.

And you eat from the blessings of Allaah, but you do not express gratitude for it.

And you know Paradise, yet do not strive for it.

And you know the Fire of Hell, yet do not run away from it.

And you know Shaytaan, but you do not fight him, and instead obey him.

And you know death, but you do not prepare yourselves for it.

And you bury the dead, but do not learn a lesson from it.

And you have left your own faults, and instead busy yourself with the faults of others.”

And you know Paradise, yet do not strive for it.. How can we know about a place, an eternity free of all the struggles, misfortunes, the pain and anguish we suffer in this world and yet, not strive for it? An eternity of serenity..

May Allaah keep us steadfast.

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