O Brother, where art thou?

Here is an excellent article written by Asim Qureshi from CagePrisoners. Thanks to Helal for sharing it with me (Jazaakillaah khayr habibtee!). It reminded me of the times I’ve had to talk to Muslim detainees just because they didn’t have any brothers calling them. I used to write to them, most of the time collectively. It would usually be a generic message but because of the situation they are in, they are extremely vulnerable. Eventually, I retired from writing because of fear of fitnah.

I turned to a few brothers and requested them to call these brothers, and write to them. To make it easy for them, I had even offered to mail out letters for them, but no one took the initiative. Its terribly frustrating, especially when you are asked to stay indoors and not involve yourself in such activities because you’re a woman!

What’s even sad is that all of the rallies I’ve attended in the past, had an overwhelming number of sisters compared to brothers! Heck, the rallies are LED by sisters!

I haven’t resolved to giving up on brothers yet. There’s always hope they say. There are still a handful of them who truly are gems. And then there are some who just need a little polishing.

May Allaah refine us and make us true believers and allow us to work tirelessly in His Cause, aameen.

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