As the Key Turns – Abu Sinaan’s blog


As the Key Turns is my brother in law’s (Fahim Ahmad/Abu Sinaan) blog. It’ll be updated as often as we can insha’Allaah, but considering the length of time the prison security takes to have his mail sent out, a bit of a gap should be expected.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his posts:

Asalam alaikum wa rahmatulllah…
In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Everyone I speak to for the first time from here always has the same question: what do you do all day? So I figure I’ll answer it, and perhaps it might be of benefit to someone, insha’Allah. I’ll keep the routine general, what everyone does, rather than my self specifically.

Prison life is all about routines. Its all about consistency in day to day actions, and sticking with it. Its very easy to get bored, to lose motivation, to slacken and to just give up. That’s what prison is, its designed to do that, its designed to break you. Countless people do break. They just go nuts. I’ve been in ‘segregation’ (isolation) for the entire time, so it’s a little different what I do in comparison to guys in general population ranges. For them, its all about working out, phone time, tv, socializing, more work outs, more tv, and then sleep.


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