Niqaab – A Detoxification of our Characters [Part I]


I have been wanting to write about niqaab for a while now. I often find sisters who wear niqaab trying to impose it on hijaabis and sometimes even non-hijaabis. And that really irritates me. I’ll tell you why:

Why do we wear niqaab? “To conceal beauty”, “to avoid fitnah“, “to guard our chastity”, are some of the many answers. But what we fail to hear most of the time is that niqaab is an act that is done to bring oneself one step closer to Allaah. So in essence, we wear it because we want to please Allaah seeking reward solely from Him.

That being established, what is the purpose of niqaab? It is to guard our chastity, yes but what does that entail? Is niqaab just a piece of cloth that covers our face so that non-Mahram men cannot see  us? Why is it better for us to cover our face?

The reason being: not attracting attention towards ourselves.

There are so many things women do to attract attention to themselves. And often times you will find niqaabis who will do whatever they can to convince you into wearing it, falling into the same trap. I will bi ‘idhnillaah go through some of them here. But before I do, I wish to state that niqaab is something I love and I admire those who wear it with the correct understanding of it. I am in no way discouraging sisters from wearing it, in fact I urge those who can to put it on but only after understanding all that comes along with it.

We have to understand, niqaab is like a detoxification of our characters. We have to follow certain rules that truly guard our chastity, and it is these rules that exude hayaa’ in a woman. And mind you, these rules should be followed by a Muslim woman who wishes to obey her Creator and please Him whether or not she covers her face. Reminds me of a quote from Dr. Fatima Nasif said:

“If hayaa’ is beautiful in a man, it is even more beautiful in a woman. If it is virtuous in a man, it is even more virtuous in a woman, as it only increases her in elegance. So, the pinnacle of good in a woman is her hayaa’, and the pinnacle of evil in a woman is her boldness and forwardness. Hayaa’ is the watchful and vigilant protector of her virtue, and is her personal security guard that does not allow for any entity to violate her honor, or to cross into her space. And it is what prevents any filth from residing in an area that has been occupied by virtue. In fact, it separates between these two with all the power and resolve that is possible.”

To be continued..

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