Want the company of RasoolAllaah?

Umm Sa’id bint Murra al-Fihri related from her father that the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam said, “I and the guardian of an orphan will be in the Garden like these two.” (and he sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam held his two fingers up) – Adab al-Mufrad

If you really desire the company of the best of creation, the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam who shed tears of concern for this Ummah, then one of the most easiest things you can do is sponsor an orphan. And with so many organizations working on it in different parts of the world, we have no excuse to not take part in such a blessed deed. Below, I have listed some of the many organizations that you can contact and to make it even easier, you can pair up with a friend/spouse or other family members and split the monthly costs (without having to split the reward!).

From the Friday Vault of Deeds.


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