Women scholars and the Qur’aan.

Abu Sa’d al-Sam’ani said about Fatimah bint Abi ‘Ali al-Daqqaq al-Naysaburiyyah (d. 480): “She was the pride of the women of her time, no parallel of her has been seen for her character. She was a scholar of the Book of Allaah and virtuous.”
(Tareekh al-Islaam by al-Dhahabi)

Al-Sayrafini said: “She knew the book of Allaah by heart, recited it day and night and knew its meaning.” (al-Muntakhb min kitaab al-siyaaq li al-tareekh Naysabur, al-Sayrafini)

Sayyidah bint `Abd al-Ghani al-Ghirnatiyyah (d. 647), brought up in Murcia (Spain), excelled in Qur’anic studies. Adh-Dhahabi says: “She knew the whole Qur’aan by heart.”

In the ninth century Bayram bint Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Dayrutiyyah mastered the seven recitations under the tuition of al-Shams ibn al-Sa’igh, studying in the company of his daughter Fatimah. Then this Fatimah moved, along with her father to Jerusalem, and practised reading of the Qur’aan with teachers there. (al-Sakhaawi, al-Daw’ al-Laami`)

Fatimah bint Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Dayruti (9th c.), also excelled in the seven recitations and memorized ash-Shaatibiyyah. She studied with several teachers before going on to teach the different recitations to both men and women. (al-Sakhaawi, al-Daw’ al-Laami`; 106)


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