Your smile is all I see

I look into your eyes and I see
I can’t sleep
I see pain and screaming memories
flickers of hope dying but burning
I see,
I see a child’s struggle for undying amity
I can’t sleep
I can’t dream because all I see
is pain and misery
I see shackles around your feet
Your feet, that tread the path of integrity
pillars of strength, valor and humility
handcuffed wrists, sore but sturdy
I can’t sleep
because I see your smile
your smile, a facade shrouding the agony
screaming memories, my mind they pierce
this smile I see, my safe haven, my sanctuary
my tears blurring, like a rainy scenery
I’ll hold on, hold onto your faith
We’ll rise from this calamity
They can clip our broken wings, but
we’ll hold on, hold onto our faith,
fearless, we’ll keep the flicker alive, they’ll see
we’ll unite, unite in everlasting felicity


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