My Heart is Free

They say I’m a butterfly
I say, what with clipped wings?
They say I’m a nightingale
I say, slashed chords can’t sing!

They say I’m a velvety rose
I say, then why fear my thorns?
They say I’m like the moon
I say, because my light is a loan?

They pierced my wings
“To protect you, my love”, said they
They confined me to a cage
“So your enemies can’t hurt you”, said they

I say I’m a bird, born to fly free
I’m a mountain standing tall and high
I say, in humble dignity, why can’t you see
Bowing to only One Who’s ever-nigh

I want to soar over the highest top
Through the strongest wind, glide
I want to burn and melt
Like a candle, to spread the light

I want to devour every verse
Of my Most Beloved, His every word
I want to walk through His Garden
And sail in the heart of a green bird

So clip my wings, chain me up
My heart is free, it knows no slavery
Except to the One, the Majestic
With Him as my Patron, I have no worry

5 thoughts on “My Heart is Free

  1. salam aleykum habibti
    mashallaah did u write this? i read it when umm atiyyah posted it on fb and thought it wud be u who wrote it subhanallah 🙂
    missing u sis
    may allah protect u and grant u jannah

  2. Umm `Atiyyah ❤

    muwahidah, wa`alayki assalaam wa rahmatullaah habibti. Na`am I wrote it.. 🙂 I miss you too sis. Its been a while.. Hope your knitting's coming along well!

    and may Allaah grant you the same and more habibti ❤

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