A Private Conversation of a Prisoner – by Abu Firas

Please note: The translation is not exact, its more of a meaning of the poem.

نجوى أسير

A Private conversation of a Prisoner

By Abu Firas al-Hamadani

اقول وقد ناحت بقربي حمامة ….. أيا جارتا هل تشعرين بحالي ؟

I say while a pigeon near me weeps …. ‘O my neighbor, do you feel my condition?

معاذ الهوى ما ذقت طارقة النوى ….. ولا خطرت منك الهموم ببال

You have never tasted the changes of hardship …. And worries have never crossed your mind

أتحمل مخزون الفؤاد قوادم …. على غصن نائي المسافة عال؟

Do you carry so much sadness in your heart …. while you stand on such a high branch?

أيا جارتا ما أنصف الدهر بيننا …. تعالي أقاسمك الهموم تعالي

O my neighbor, time has not been just between us …. Come let me share some of my burdens with you

تعالي تري روحا لدي ضعيفة …. تردد في جسم يعذب بال

Come look at a soul that has become so weak, come …. that it goes back and forth in my body, torturing my mind

أيضحك مأسور وتبكي طليقة ….. ويسكت محزون ويندب سال؟

Will a prisoner laugh, and a free man cry? …. And a sad person remain silent, while the happy is loud?

لقد كنت أولى منك بالدمع مقلة …. ولكن دمعي في الحوادث غال

I was more entitled to the tears than you …. but my tears in hardship have become rare (precious).’


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