“My Lord, do not let them overpower me..”

I thought it would be good to share ad`iya that I personally love, with the rest of you so that you can make use of them everyday but especially on Friday during the one hour between `Asr and Maghrib.

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam said: “On Jum`ah there is a time that if a believing slave asks Allaah during it for some good, (Allaah will) give it to him, and that time is after the `Asr prayer.” [Ahmad]

Remember, before you raise your hands to Allaah, check your intention, and have firm faith that Allaah will accept it.

May Allaah answer all our ad`iya.


رب أعني ولا تعن علي ، وانصرني ولا تنصر علي ، وامكر لي ولا تمكر علي ، واهدني ويسر الهدى لي ، وانصرني على من بغى علي ، رب اجعلني شكارا لك ذكارا لك رهابا لك ، مطيعا إليك مخبتا إليك أواها منيبا ، رب تقبل توبتي ، واغسل حوبتي ، وأجب دعوتي ، واهد قلبي ، وثبت حجتي ، وسدد لساني ، واسلل سخيمة قلبي

O my Lord, help me and do not help others against me, help me to overpower them and do not let them overpower me. Plan in my favour and do not plan against me, and guide me and make the guidance easy for me, and help me against whoever oppresses me. O my Lord, make one most grateful to You, one who remembers You greatly, one who fears You greatly. one who obeys You greatly, one turning greatly towards You in submission and humility. O my Lord, accept my repentance, wash away my sins, and accept my invocations, keep me firm on my proof, guide my heart and make my tongue to utter what is correct (and true), and remove any illfeeling from my heart.


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