From Father to Daughter..

Imaam Maalik taught his daughter Fatimah the whole of his Muwatta’. Not only did she memorize the whole of the Muwatta’, but she learnt all the ahadeeth her father knew, from him. Az-Zubayr says, “Maalik had a daughter who knew his knowledge (the Muwatta’) by heart, and she used to be behind the door. When the reader made a mistake, she would correct him.”

She would also inform the people regarding the pious traits of her father, for example it is reported that she said, “Maalik would pray every night his portion (hizb), but when it was the night of Friday, he would stay awake all of it.” {Tarteeb al-Madaarik wa-Taqreeb al Masalik by Al Qadi ‘Iyaad}

In the 14th century the most important expert of hadeeth was Amatullah bint al-Imaam ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Dihlawiyyah (d. 1357) in Madinah. She studied with her father, many times over, all the Six Books, as well as many ajzaa’ and thabats (notebooks containing details of one’s narrations or teachers). She also received from him all the Mursalaat. Her father took a lot of interest in her education and obtained high ijaazah’s (licenses) for her from the leading traditionists of that time.32 At her home in Madinah she taught Qudoori as well as books of hadeeth. She was from the last major female scholars of Madinah. {Al-Kattaani, Fihris al-Fahaaris}

For more information on Women Scholars of Islaam, please visit this wonderful website.


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