A Project that needs Your Support

Subhan’Allaah I was looking at Dr. Akram Nadwi’s multi-volume project on the female scholars of Hadeeth (see here) and thought how amazing and crucial this work is, yet they have been able to raise only around 2,000 pounds?! I can’t believe this subhan’Allaah. His work which uncovers the legacy of 8,000 female scholars of Islaam is not only astounding but it is much needed especially with the stereotypes Muslim women face! Just imagine the benefit this will bring!

Here’s an excerpt about the project from his website:

“Trawling through centuries of biographical dictionaries, madrassa chronicles, letters and travel books, Akram has found evidence of thousands of muhaddithat, or female experts in Hadith… He has found accounts of women teaching men and women in mosques and madrassas, touring Arabia and the Levant on lecture circuits, issuing fatwas, and making Islamic law.

Akram, himself a Hadith expert who has written more than 25 books, is shocked at the scope of his discoveries. When he started on the project, he expected to find 20 or 30 women, enough to fill a single-volume biographical dictionary….Years on, he has found more than 8,000, and his dictionary now stands at 40 volumes.

He is convinced that the women he has found only hint at the true numbers of working women scholars. “If I can find 8,000 in the sources,” he notes, “it means that there were many, many more than that.” [Times]”

I’m urging everyone to please donate to this cause so that this monumental voluminous work can be published. The reward for this – if you donate before Ramadan ends – will not only be multiplied but you will receive the reward for every single person that benefits from this work.

To donate, please click here.

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