My backyard.. My comfort zone.


Sitting in the backyard listening to the birds, watching the ants, feeling the cool breeze on my skin..and right now in this moment I feel peace. I’m content. And I’m filled with gratitude towards Allaah for every minute of my life; every second of sadness and every moment of joy because all of it combined has brought me to this place of calm and serenity from within. Altogether its made me, me.

Look around you. Theres so much to be thankful for. Step out of your little mental prison into the beauty Allaah has created for you. Those birds and ants and even the gorgeous roses may want nothing to do with us but Allaah placed them and everything else around us so that we can reflect upon them and so that when our world of self-imposed barriers gets too much to bear, we can escape into this  sanctuary to find some peace, freedom and comfort.


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