Subtle are His Ways..

“And who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah untruth while he is being invited to Islam. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.” [as-Saff; 7]

While pondering over this verse I just thought how subtly yet firmly Allaah relays messages to us. Although this ayah is referring to the mushrikeen who rejected tawheed when Islaam was presented to them, but the beauty of Qur’aan is such that any ayah can show you a personal lesson, should you just look a bit deeper. As believers we obviously don’t commit shirk in the sense of associating partners to Him (wa na’udho billaahi min dhalik), but as humans we tend to fall into sin every so often, giving our nafs precedence over Allaah. We are in actuality rejecting Allaah’s commands and the boundaries He set for us by committing those sins. And then we stand in front of Allaah in salah, halfheartedly reciting al-Fatiha, asking for hidayah and then wondering why our lives are miserable. The emptiness we feel inside is not due to some worldly object or a person we may be missing; it is due to the fact that we have not tasted the sweetness of the mere extending of Allaah’s Hand towards us: Guidance. It is because we have put so much distance between us and Allaah, that He does not even wish to guide us.. “..and Allaah does not guide the wrongdoing people..” – that subhan’Allaah is misery and emptiness and that is why you see people filling their void with worldly objects and desires and that void only seems to grow more and more deeper.

In order to be guided, you have to want guidance as is the case with anything we want in life. And that again, is another valuable lesson. This philosophy of life, i.e. having a true desire for what we want in our hearts so that we may receive it, has been taught to us by Allaah hundreds of years ago, and has only recently been translated into self-help books and labelled as the Law of Attraction.

Subhan’Allaah, how subtle are His ways of guidance..

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