Murdered by Media

She curses her reflection
and howls at her genealogy
for her wide forehead
and her chunky upper lip
she dyes, not just her hair
so shes beyond
the blackness in her curls
seeping slowly
into her veins
poisoning her mind
her fragile little heart
from the burden of ugly
her body mummified
by the latest diet
and her soul
her poor, poor soul
a prisoner of her woes
little did she know
she had died
long before
died the moment she saw
herself in that mirror
she died for beauty
thinking beautiful she will never be

Fussing Over the 15th of Sha‘ban

The Humble "I"

01097_rockface_1680x1050Question: Is marking out the 15th night of Sha‘ban (laylat al-nisf min sha‘ban) for extra prayers and devotion sanctioned by Islam, or is doing so judged to be a reprehensible innovation (bid‘ah)?

Answer: Each year a fair amount of fussing and fighting takes place over the issue. Yet the truth of the matter is that scholars have long held this issue to be one over which there is a valid difference of opinion. The first group considered the night to have no specific virtues over and above any other night of the year, and believed that singling the night out for extra acts of worship is unsanctioned. Another group differed and held that the middle night of Sha‘ban does have special merits and can be earmarked for extra prayers and devotion.

What follows is a discussion about why such a difference has arisen and how each of the two stances has…

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A Beautiful Nightmare

It’s was all dark.. All i could see was pitch black

My whole body started shaking, i felt the tiny creatures crawling under my back

My face started to shiver
As one sweating in deadly fever
I tried to reach my hands out but i was blocked
In this sand-filled cover of mine, i was locked
Gradually sinking, Six feet deep down,
Screaming for help but no one hearing a sound
Crying and crying out loud
Still hoping maybe someone might hear me out
But nothing. I was dead and gone for good
Left my family, friends, and my neighborhood
I was in the wrong
Never did nothing never got along,
With my family
It was always about me, my friends and even my enemies
Never prayed even one salaah
Never made dhikr, didnt obey Allah
Snuck with my friends behind my parents back and
Didnt focus on anything just always slacking
Thinking of each flashback running through my head
I started to scream, “i wish i wasn’t dead!”
Regretting each moment that i didnt thank Allah for
Why did i have to be amongst the wrong doers?
Minutes passed by, i started feeling the grave push in squeezing my ribs
I couldn’t breathe no more, i started to feel the tear in my hips
Crying and crying thinking about everything that i have done wrong
But why am i wasting my tears now? Its all left in the past, its all gone
As i started to feel the darkness getting closer.. I woke up and screamed
Thank Allah this was all just a dream,
Yes, a beautiful nightmare, only cuz it taught me a lesson
From now on its deen over dunyah cause islam is a blessing
To know that one day you will live for eternity
In a life full of peace, beauty and tranquility
This world is nothing but a confusion
A temporary illusion
Were so attached to it that we’ve been putting in our own contributions
Like this music that we’ve been rapping along to
Some kinda game that we’ve been playing along to
These signs are so clear, right infront of our eyes
Yet the truth somehow comes out missing and we can’t realize
These are all of shaytans lies
He’s fooling you
Simply confusing you
Push him out of your life and pray to Allah
Take all your worries out by making Du’a
’cause why wish upon the star when you can pray to its creator
Allah, only He is our Sustainer
So just remember that today the soil is beneath you, but tomorrow it may be above you. You might or might not live for long, so just pray before you are prayed upon.
 -Marwa Mohammad

This too shall pass.

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately and by this morning I felt a massive headache kicking in, kinda like what people often describe as a hangover after getting drunk. For me, the hangover was from a piece of shattering news I received yesterday.

My heart felt constricted under the choking weight of grief like a lump in my throat. But as I finished praying fajr and raised my hands to make du`aa, a little voice inside me reminded me that this too shall pass.. I decided it was upto me: I could either wallow in misery or choose to be happy, do the best I can and continue living.

I chose happiness. For me, happiness = acceptance and being content in the present moment and to continue living with the mantra of never giving up. Its not easy to choose when you’re fighting off overwhelming emotional pain, but it most certainly is liberating.

Life as we know is all about making decisions and choices. For me, the most important daily decision to make is to start my day with renewed faith and making a conscious effort of choosing happiness regardless of my circumstances. And that results into a lighter, more content me.

A Hearty Salad

Mixed Salad with Cranberries & Mango



1 cup of diced sweet and sour mango

2 cups of chopped lettuce

1 cup of chopped spinach

1 cup of diced cucumber

1/2 cup diced red raddish

1/2 cup of dried cranberries

For the dressing:

1/4 cup yogurt

2 limes

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

salt to taste

  • Mix all of the salad ingredients in a bowl.
  • For the dressing, mix the olive oil, salt and lime juice in the yogurt and pour it on top of the salad.
  • I used almond flakes for garnishing. You can use bits of walnuts and almonds in it for added taste.



From Father to Daughter..

Imaam Maalik taught his daughter Fatimah the whole of his Muwatta’. Not only did she memorize the whole of the Muwatta’, but she learnt all the ahadeeth her father knew, from him. Az-Zubayr says, “Maalik had a daughter who knew his knowledge (the Muwatta’) by heart, and she used to be behind the door. When the reader made a mistake, she would correct him.”

She would also inform the people regarding the pious traits of her father, for example it is reported that she said, “Maalik would pray every night his portion (hizb), but when it was the night of Friday, he would stay awake all of it.” {Tarteeb al-Madaarik wa-Taqreeb al Masalik by Al Qadi ‘Iyaad}

In the 14th century the most important expert of hadeeth was Amatullah bint al-Imaam ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Dihlawiyyah (d. 1357) in Madinah. She studied with her father, many times over, all the Six Books, as well as many ajzaa’ and thabats (notebooks containing details of one’s narrations or teachers). She also received from him all the Mursalaat. Her father took a lot of interest in her education and obtained high ijaazah’s (licenses) for her from the leading traditionists of that time.32 At her home in Madinah she taught Qudoori as well as books of hadeeth. She was from the last major female scholars of Madinah. {Al-Kattaani, Fihris al-Fahaaris}

For more information on Women Scholars of Islaam, please visit this wonderful website.