Who will hear our cries
Who will sacrifice for us their lives
Who will take away our fears
Who will wipe away our tears
Who will bring back our fathers, brothers and sons
who will bring back our loved ones
Who will speak against the aggression
who will put a stop to the oppression
who will mend our broken hearts
who will explain to our children
why our lives have been torn apart
who will open their eyes, hearts and minds
who will speak against the abuse
before we run out of time
who will stop hiding in their homes
who will join us
so we no longer walk alone

Written by the sister of a prisoner in HMP Belmarsh, UK.

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“..Man needs tests. Tests provide the slave with an opportunity to prove himself to Allah. Allah constantly reminds us of this reality. “We will test you, so We may know the ones who strive amongst you and the patient ones, and relay your accounts.” Tests tell the slave what level he’s at, they grant him the ability to distinguish between true friend and false friend, you would know that in a time of ease, everyone is together, its only in hardship that you know what people are made of. Tests also allow the slave to have a chance, to be a slave. You see, if everything was going ahead as we, humans, desired it, we would grow arrogant and our souls would become disobedient and conceited. But Allah wishes to give His slave a stark reminder that no, the matter is in My hands. In the collection of Abu Dawud, the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam used to invoke Allah with the following: “O Allah, make the sustenance of the family of Muhammad (bearly) sufficient.” Ibn al-Qayyim commented on this du’a saying, “This is so when he, sallallahu ‘alayh finds food he worships (iyaka na’bud), and when he doesnt he seeks Allah’s help (iyaka nasta’een), so his life pendulums between the two posts of ‘iyaka na’bud wa iyaka nasta’een.'”

“..Do not forget our plight..”

A Year Later and Rashid is Nowhere To Be Seen

“On Tuesday, it will be exactly a year since Rashid Khalid was abducted in Estcourt, never to be seen again.

It was an event that had all the hallmarks of a spy thriller.

On October 31, members of the town’s small Muslim community, who were observing Ramadan, were preparing to have supper after breaking their daily fast.

It was about 10pm and they had just returned from their evening prayers at the mosque.

Suddenly the silence of the night was broken. Several luxury vehicles screeched to a halt in front of a home in Canna Avenue, Forderville. About 10 heavily armed men jumped out of the cars, which had false number plates.

They kicked open the door of an outbuilding and barged in. Inside two men screamed as the raiders turned the place upside down.

A small crowd gathered outside as the owner, Mohammed Bayat, plucked up the courage to ask what was happening. The men, some with a British accent, pointed a rifle at him. He was told if he knew what was good for him, he would go back into his house.

A police van stopped to make inquiries. They, too, were told by the mystery men to move on.

Two hooded men were then dragged out of the building and pushed into two vehicles and driven away.

Pakistani national Khalid Mehmood Rashid and his room-mate, Moulana Mohammed Ebrahim Jeebhai, 29, were driven to an unknown destination.”

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“Many times I had my dinner in front of me, and Daddy came to my mind and then I could not eat..”
(Aisha, daughter of ghost prisoner, Masood Janjua)

“We want to find rest. This is worse than killing. You’re killing us slowly day by day.”
(Husnah Al Mashtouli, wife of Mahmoud Jaballah, one of Canada’s secret trial five)

“When all of his brothers and sisters sit together, there is still one person missing, and this is Juma. My mother, every time she sits for Iftar to break her fast, prays to God, so hard, to free Juma from there.”
(Brother of Juma Al Dossary, Bahraini detainee in Guantanamo)

“It doesn’t feel like Ramadan and Eid in prison. It is not a celebration. You are totally isolated – you suffer in another world.”
(‘P’, detained under electronic bail in the UK,
awaiting deportation to torture)

“It seems there is no law to protect me from the injustices I am experiencing.”

I am in this prison crippled and shackled by the manacles of injustice and I am languishing in the corners of the British dungeon Belmarsh.”

Amar Makhlulif Shackled by the Manacles of Justice
Makhlulif FF8180, HMP Belmarsh


..and these are just a few excerpts.. how many more will it take to pinch our conscience? may Allaah help us.

The very first one

“..Sister, I consider – and Allah knows – your brothers as part of an elite. They are chosen. Allah has chosen them. If Allah loves a slave, yes, He tests them. Why? So that they can prove themselves to Him. Oh Allah, yes we are worthy of being carriers of la ilaha illa Allah. Sometimes, however, we are simply not ready for it. So, in order for us to be ready, Allah breaks us, and then rebuilds us stronger. This, is a sunnah of Allah in His creation. An easy example that brothers may relate to is building muscle. How does it get done? You break the muscles first, then they get built stronger and larger. Likewise is the case with iman. Allah wants to break you brothers. So they can plead Him, ask Him, love Him, have hope in Him, yearn for His assistance and mercy, and long for His pleasure and Paradise. If everything was to go ahead as and how we, the ignorant oppressive slaves, want, we would become arrogant, cling onto the dunya and forget Allah’s right and authority over us. This is the condition of most of mankind. But some people, Allah chose, Allah looked into their hearts and said, ‘I love this slave. I love Him and want Him only for Me. I want him to ask Me. Think about Me. I want him to be from the inheritors of My Paradise!’ Your brothers are, inshallah, from these people. Why do I say this? Sister, because they are following in the footsteps of those whom Allah has chosen before. The best example of this is Yusuf ‘alayhi-salam. He spent 7 (some said 14 and 21) years in prison. But all Allah says about this experience is “And he spent a few years in prison.” No biggie. As though Allah is saying, ‘My slave, if you truly sold your soul for Me, I can do whatever I want with it.’ Prison is just one of those things. Prison is a test, and when Allah feels that we have passed the test, we will come out.

Sister, I, your brothers, any brothers are not in prison because of our charges. These are superficial, fake, reasons. We are in prison because of our sins, because of our own hands. Yes, we are all innocent of these charges, yes, it’s all based on flimsy evidence, and framing and mistaken identities and whatever else. That may all be true, but that is not why. We’re not innocent of backbiting, lying, slandering, looking at haram, hearing haram, touching haram, disobeying parents, missing salah, etc. Those are the real reasons we’re here, because we are all guilty of them. And when we improve and rectify our condition we’ll be out. So increase in your good deeds, read the Quran and implement it, don’t give in to laziness, and when you’re good enough, Allah will take you out. Whether that happens by a jury finding you not guilty, your charges getting dropped, the judge overturning a conviction – whatever, remember these are all ‘fakes’. The real reasons are mentioned above, and detailed in the Quran…”