۞ The Ramadan Reserve ۞

Throughout the upcoming blessed month, this page will be updated with anything and everything related to Ramadan, from uplifting reminders, tips and various causes/events to related fataawa. I’ll even throw in a recipe occasionally! 🙂

May Allaah allow us to derive maximum benefit from Ramadan, may He soften and purify our hearts from any ill-feeling. May He protect us from falling into the traps of shaytaan, may Allaah make Qur’aan the light of our hearts, comfort and cure for our souls and make it our means of guidance, and may He make this month a means for us to attain Jannah.

… Stay tuned!

1. You’re Not Alone..

2.  My Broken Heart Chocolate Cheesecake

3. Don’t make this your Ramadan of regret.

4. Peace, until the rise of morn.

5. A Hearty Salad

6. A Project that needs Your Help


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