Our Beloved, Our Prophet

Just reflecting on the life of our beloved Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam, and it pains the heart to think about the abuse and oppression he had to endure for the sake of this Ummah. How many times did the Quraysh throw filth and dirt on him? How many times was he slandered and rejected? And can we ever forget the incident of Ta’if where even his shoes were soaked in blood from the stones that were being throw at him? We can never be grateful enough for all his – sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam – sacrifices, but the least we can do is follow his footsteps and hold onto his sunnah with our dear lives. The recent film thats being spread around by some despicable people, by Allaah has no affect on him, and does not take away from his honor and his status with Allaah. But nonetheless, it hurts our hearts deeply and angers us beyond tolerance to see our beloved being attacked in such a wicked manner. Lets use that anger and that hurt to further his da`wah, to implement and spread his sunnah and let’s keep our tongues moist with sending salaam upon him.

Oh Allaah, make us his neighbors in Jannah!

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