When we least expect..

A wise friend once said to me: “The sunnah of Allaah is that things change when we least expect, not when we do expect.” And that is so true. We are often so persistent on asking for that one thing, continuously like a nagging child and we’ll even throw an emotional tantrum when there’s a delay in a response. But do we ever stop to think that if we haven’t been granted our wish yet despite our constant asking, then perhaps the lesson for us is to stop chasing it?

Time and again, to my amazement, I have found myself given what I had wanted so much only after I had stopped running after it. This does not in any way mean that we stop praying for it, but it is actually a beautiful lesson in humility, patience and perspective. We can ask without making that thing our focus. Because when it becomes our focus, it turns into an obsession like a hole that digs itself deeper, and an obsession keeps us from aspects of our lives that are far more deserving of our attention and time. And just when you free yourself of that fixation, you will see doors opening before you; a path of possibilities unraveling right before your eyes.


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